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Xero Expenses Claim

Xero Expenses Claim

Xero Expenses Claims lets employees capture receipts and submit claims for business expenses on iOS and Android mobile devices.

4 Steps

Xero Expenses Claim 4 Steps

Other features

Mileage Claim
Link to Projects or Customers for billing
Designed Personal bank account for batch payment
Create labels to group expenses for analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Xero Expenses free of charge? If not, what is the pricing of Xero Expenses?

Xero Expenses is an add-on feature to Xero. You can subscribe Xero Expenses at USD 4 / user / month. Xero Expenses Mobile Apps is free and can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2. Can the expenses be approved based on spending limit or department budget?

No, in Xero Expenses, approver can only approves or declines the claims. ApprovalMax can be considered to address this requirement.

3. How can I track staff expenses claim?

a) Go to Explore under Xero Expenses, you can view picture of expenses claims by staff or by expenses account.
b) Go to Dashboard (Expenses Claim), you can view key information about expenses claims e.g. decline, outstanding payment, claims status.
c) “Expense Claim Detail” Report provides you payable aging details by contact or by bill where you can track claim details & outstanding payments.
2) Go to Contact, you can view individual staff’s expenses claim details & drill down for billing details.