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Xero Product Updates

Xero commits to ongoing development in enhancing customer experience and addressing customer needs. 
In this page, we hope to provide you with recent product updates of greater importance.

2024 May – Bank Reconciliation Screen

  1. You can now view up to 50 unreconciled statement lines on the bank reconciliation screen.
  2. We’ve introduced the ability to search for specific statement lines.
  3. You can now filter the list of statement lines by date or amount range.

2023 Apr – Reports (currency added)

  1. You can now view details of foreign currency transactions within the Income by Contact and Expenses by Contact reports.
  2. If you have multicurrency, you can now run the following reports in another currency: Balance Sheet, Budget Variance report and Profit and Loss report.
  3. A new version of the Realised Gains and Losses report is available. You can see details of currency gains or losses that are realised when payments or credits are applied to invoices or bills that are denominated in foreign currency.

2023 Mar – Reports (Journal Report)

A new version of the Journal report is available. Use the report to see all journal entries made in your general ledger (chart of accounts).